NHS England recently ran a public consultation process on a number of specialised treatments. These include the treatments provided for gender variant children and adolescents.

Two documents were of key importance to gender variant children and adolescents:

> A Policy Proposition which concludes that cross-sex hormones should not be provided before age 16

> A Service Specification that does little to improve the way that all treatments are provided.

GIRES has responded to each of the above documents.

The first of these, relates to the policy proposition in regard to cross-sex hormones can be found at the following address:


The 2nd document, relates to the Service Specification and can be found at the following address:


In the Policy Proposition response, for cross sex hormones, GIRES recommends that the London clinicians should now, urgently and in consultation with stakeholders, develop and apply
a set of reasonable readiness criteria, excluding age.

The Policy proposition regarding cross-sex hormones may be viewed at:


The Service Specification proposition is on view at: